Past few weeks, i happen to met some new mummies and parents, and they ask me what formula is my son having till now or breast milk ?

When my boy was born, he was first introduce with Cow formula with those instant tube. Although doctor told us newborn have enough nutrition  without intake for the 1st day, we just could not bear to see Reuven keep crying.

There after he was introduce by my PD another brand  , the taste was a bit bitter. All along all these formula was a standby or add on when the Breast Milk are not sufficient. My son show signs of rejection and drop intake/push away the milk bottle  that he don’t really like the taste of the formula as he grow older. At the meantime we also worry the transition from BM to full FM, we started to look out  and source for more information about other milk formulas available in the market  we started the goal milk formula when he was about 7-mths.

We are first surprise how the Goat formula was dissolve in water. Usually for other formula, we need to shake/ stir hard with little more hot water then the formula will dissolve and it will look quite thick. compare to Goat milk ,it is much easiler to dissolve.

The urine that my son pass out , almost are all clear  and not those yellowish kind that leave it on the diapers. In a way i believe it is not heaty for him and better absorb into his body relate to the nutrient.

My wife and some others her friends also mention that its taste are much closest to BM too. ( this is per individual taste bud) And below also mention the content are closer to BM too. 🙂

Till now my boy is three , he is still a Goat milk  fan . 🙂

Other experts who comment about the advantage of goats milk are,

Less Allergenic proteins

more Digestible fat 

slightly less lactose 

Goat milk as alternative breastfeeding ( compare in chemical balance to a mother’s milk)

If you would like to know about which brand my son is having, drop me a text. 🙂

Have a great family bonding and a happy Sunday ! 🙂