After my recent post of the corridor trapment water, some of my friend ask if i have any checklist when collecting the keys for my BTO.

In general, These are as follows where i feel quite important;

1. Doors and handles

check for the door any cracks and handles lock.

Use the keys to check is it able to open for individual door.

2.floor tiles

these are quite common to find one or 2 pieces to be crack or chip off. especially at the living room.

3. bathroom tiles (wall and floor)

there might be cracks can be found on the wall tiles . Sometime cracks might result after a huge vibration from neighbour renovation.

4. walls chip off/crack

if you don intend to repaint, check for those wall chip off and cracks. Save your trouble from patching.

5. toilet bowls

check if it is working and any leaks after each flushes and cracks too

6. Wall side skirting

check for any visible cracks

7. window glass/rubber sealing/hitches

Check for the window glass any crack, if rubber sealing is not tight enough, ask them to change, this can in a better sealing for air con .

Check the hinges whether they are good conditions.

Summary :

These are some of the important checks that i felt are quite important and should not left out. 🙂

hope its helps.

Have a great sunday too. 🙂