With permission and encouragement from client to post the experience and treatment relate to his Day surgery for his Ganglion Cyst recently.


Months has pass, and he felt that his wrist are having some thing like a Cyst as picture. he was wondering what is that, as this lead him to have pain here and there. at first he went to those GP clinic and after that he was refer to Govt structure hospital for further consultation. the schedule appointment take few months, and his pain is accelerating.

Then happen there is a day we have some chat and he told me about this, immediately i ask him would him consider private treatment as his condition is getting worst and his health shield covered to private plan.

same as others i meet, they will always concern and ask “really able to claim the medical bill”?

i said Yes. as Charged.

then he is admitted and schedule with a faster appointment date and convenience for him to do the day surgery.


then everything was so smooth, he was really impressed the waiting time, the consultation, the treatment. everything. 🙂  and  also tested the cyst is it benign or.. and everything was good. 🙂

After weeks, i send him regards and ask again how is the wound getting on. everything is good and well. he said. 🙂  he still comment, everything was good, and i just need to just focus on my mind on the treatment. everything just put me on calm status.

And of cos most important , all the bills are covered. 🙂


Please don neglect the coverage of shield plan ya and please don neglect even small issue of health. get it treated early.