just to cut story short , the extension of my dinning table light was not a good job by previous contractor. my light was often fused and spoils and found out that they have use those normal wires to connect my light point (extension due to shift abit of the location light point) .



Activiate a referal electrician and they really do a good job.



track light(LED)  are up and make replacement and place more easier and cosy.


I can even choose for white light or more lights to be added too.

just to add, when doing change of location of light point and extension , be sure they use thone thick brown cable like those default in house points. cos those wires are very easy spoilt and might fuse your light easily.

changing or retifying need to ‘hack’ the ceiling to take out the cable and redo agian. so .. I think you know how hassle it can be…^.^

all is good for me now. 🙂