Bringing up my boy and till today he is going K1. times really flies. everytime i hear people or people ask me is it age of 2 or 3 , they are so call the  naughty 2 or 3 period where people normally will classifed this period of their growing up and i have share with some of the parents too how this came about.

For what i feel this journey are in a total different expressions.

Miracle 2 

1st time mrt.jpg

When my Boy is age of 2, it is a Miracle 2! hahah.. why ? if your little one are in this stage rite now or going this period. Don’t you feel that you have alot of ‘Wows’ ‘Astonish looks’ ‘Shock’ express on your faces and words? haha . News words are form, New Expression. milestone achieve.

Awesome 3

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When my boy is age of 3, it is an awesome 3! the journey of mimic and helping out begin! they are the age where now they are stronger and love to try to new things. they also show sign of understanding language better and able to communicate better.  this is the age where i feel he is such a cutie! melt your heart with his expression and they are at this phase they start to do things on their experiment but would like you be around.

Magic 4

age 4.jpg

when my  boy is age of 4, they are really Magic ! they are showing alot of their talent and love to engage. he will called me Daddy x 1000 times, interested to know what i am doing, Curious in everything little aspect about things he saw and touched.  he loved me to see what he is doing and perform. he enjoy alot like a small adult. more activities and games he could engage in together with me and he is really getting more and more independent and understand what is acceptable and not. 🙂

My thoughts 



what we would anticipate, the chances of becoming will become real if today we are looking as them are naughty, A more high chance they will be even naughtier cos we already have this in mind. whatever you do and express or talk, are in a way of a much negative way or so.

Maybe you would like to try and said this out when you think of the little one .

you are Naughty 2 !

You are Miracle 2 !

which one might give you a more positive mind and make you smile more? 🙂 Remember energy and positive are contagious, so does negative thoughts too. 🙂

i am sure all parents love parenthood and times are always not enough, let embrace more and have more faith.

Little one might not be naughty, they are just being active and curious

Have a great 2017 ! 🙂