Journey of my learning Rubik’s Cube

Since Feb 17, i have being trying to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube. how it started …

my son saw my dad able to solve the cube and he give the cube to my boy as he is attracted by the colours of the six sides.  Then literary he pass it to me to solve it.

i would like to be my boy hero too, i don’t want to disappoint him and beside is something i left it there long ago and did not pick up. then i started the journey.

it take about a month for me to be able to complete this about 2min. i learn it when reuven is sleeping, waiting for client, and on the train or bus. i feel so good as time are not wasted and i pick up a skill in a way. perhaps this might help me during my old age to deter dementia. lol

going for another skill or pick up something more when i on the move. TIme are always clicking and it is always very fulfilling that i have spend it to learn to be my boy hero and a skill. 🙂

During the learning phase, i realise one thing;

1st – when u are about any % to complete it and without completing the cube, it is basically nothing that you have achieved. Focus and determination is the key. 🙂

in face this is like in our life too, if we give up too easily , everything we done or our hard work will be gone in the drain.

As long we keep going,  we definitely will see the light from the tunnel and exit it beautifully. 🙂

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