From previous posts if you have follow through. i have mentioned about Pru Reserve, what is participating funds, how bonus are declare, past performance and reserve.

2016 Performance Highlight

This is one of the letter FY2016 CEO Letter – English – English letter that policy owner might received relates to their policies regards to the company performance and the yearly bonus information. 2016 was a stunning result, not only prudential is performing well ,  company will be declaring more than S$213 million in guaranteed bonuses for most of our Participating policies, which is S$20 million more than the previous year. Due to the increase in bonuses, the projected value of your policy may be revised upwards to reflect the 2016 performance of the Participating Fund.

Bonus report

There are also a report sending together to the policy owner sharing some of the insight of the funds performance.  (one of the example relate Regular premium policies)  Regular_Premium_Life_Sub-Fund[1]

Years that are harsh, Prudential still did it

As 2015 and 2016, it seems to be a challenging year for all of us, Prudential is still able to increase the bonus rates for some policies and maintain the bonus rates for the remaining policies under the Fund for the performance up to the financial year end of 2016.

How to look into your policy bonus or i would siad tracking the guaranteed bonus and maturity value

After your 2nd anniversary year of your plan ( third year) , there will be accumulate bonus and show you the previous and current projected maturity values and this will be a statement mail to you.  For example;

bonus not.jpg

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