Today just reminded one of my friend to submit for the claims relate to the cash benefit and i decided to blog under here for mass sharing.

Under the Sompo insurance, technically if you are not able to work due to the accident and have Medical Certificate, you are eligibility to submit for a claim on this.

 Weekly income benefit

refer to below; D

Sompo weekly income benefit it is calculated as per week basic and refer to your salary for proration.

refer to the brochure 

What documents do I need to submit?

  • Original medical certificates
  • Medical certification / Doctor’s memo stating nature of injury
  • Latest pay slip on letterhead or duly certified by employer
  • Other evidence of remuneration which must be duly certified


below are one of the example that i done the claims before;

weekly benefit statement

The breakdown are Medical Expenses are $38,00 and Temporary total disablement is $28.57 for two days not able to work.


Feel free to text if you have any more questions . 🙂


as for my friend case, it is not just 2 digit figure, as he is off work for more than 2 months and the plan he/she get are on a higher tie.

$650 per week  x8 = $5,200

so you can imagine the money will be so useful.


*Claims must be submitted and underwrite by the underwriter for accurate assessment. This is just for information only. 

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