Cataracts – Day surgery

Through statistics as old ages fall, this has become quite a common topic.

This is one of my clients recently went for the treatment relate to Day surgery and all the follow up treatments.  The vision are getting blur and worst each month passes by and he/she decided for a check. After A pre check up, A Day surgery was recommended for the treatment by the doctor.  he/she undergo the Day surgery and are recovered. Her vision are better and see clearer too.

Currently just require one or 2 more follow consultation for discharge and of course happier with better vision. 🙂






























You can see the Post treatment added up can be quite an amount, and my client has it all claimable due to the hospitalise plans.  🙂






More information about Cataracts about what is it ? and what are the sign and how it cause it.


*Claims must be submitted and underwrite by the underwriter for accurate assessment. This is just for information only. 

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