Last week, i finally got a chance to watch my TV in the morning. As we are eating breakfast and Reuven said he watch Ipad and he let me watch. hahah asking permission some more. lol ..

i come across this Channel FOOD Hospital it was really amazing.

First there was the 1st story that they would like to test, Do chill really able assist in lost weight? and they have the equipments to test a few volunteers (before and after) the Metabolisers ( by blowing air in a tube that connect to  a machine, before and after) and it show that chill do help. however, it just help to burn a little. The most resistant towards chill the less effective, it means to said you must eat till you feel that it is so hot then it will be effective.  after all it is always best to go for a run or gym for a better showdown. 🙂


The 2nd story is there was an old man who face alot of ‘block vessel narrow’ and also result that he not able to erect  so the recommendation is ask him quit smoking and go for mediterranean diet. as this will help to ‘clean his body’ and of cos i learn that pistachio are one of the nut it help the condition for the blood vessel ‘expansion’. : )

The Last story is about a lady who face a  rare skin disorder , and she always has those discharge. this illness was rare and she seen many doctor and medication also did not seems to improve.  there was a test done and found out that her reading (cant remember ) was 74 that is super high for a normal person (8). and after 4 weeks of mediterranean diet, her reading drop till 41 and her skin also get better. think diets indeed shape our health and body as it play a important role . if there are often acne or skin disorder frequently break out. you may like to try a healthy diet too. 🙂


let’s start from today , have a healthy food and lifestyle 🙂

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