i guess recent months, people saw me wearing short pants moving around for appts and work, i have a terrible insect bite on my leg and it is swelling. the pain was so unbearable and i know infection has taken place. As the condition are getting worst than i thought, and  leave it to heal by itself is not an option.

A continue of 1 months plus of antibodies and 3 times visit to GP, finally my insect bite has recovered. the feeling of the infection and swollen are something that i do not want to experience again.

Some people ask me before , how serious the insect bite will lead a person to see a doctor? well.. this is one of the example, when you know the pain are so unbearable and it is getting worst. it is time to see a doctor.

A claim of medical bill of over $100+ and also the Weekly Income Benefit (MC) = both add up to a total of $200 plus claimable.

It is quite ridiculous for an insect bite to pay for the medical bill if it is coming out from my own pocket, Thanks to Sompo for the protection. 🙂 






*Claims must be submitted and underwrite by the underwriter for accurate assessment. This is just for information only. 


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