i happen to come across this channel (body and soul) and sharing the topic related to eyes health. there is one thing i feel abit surprise is that the doctor mention that contact lense will increase the chance of drooling eyelids!  where this is new to me and everyone that i know wearing contact lens normally they told me the side effect is eyes will feel dry or eye infection …


the doctor explain that due to contact len was ‘there’, every time you blink your eyes , your eye lids muscle ‘abrasions’ with the contact lens and exposure to long term, eye lid muscle tend to be weak . this is the link to the show.

and i went google myself and indeed i find some other information that also said the same thing as what the doctor said.  from yahoo lifestyle . 

hope it bring some awareness about your eyes and lets make a different today : )  so maybe wearing glasses will be a better choice 🙂