Sept received a call from a client and mention the home was ‘flooded’. i was shock to hear that and ask what has happen ? They came back from oversea trip and when they open the door and discover their home was flooded and of cos the electricity also down.

i advice them on the steps to take and meet them to fill up the claims form there after. the claims assessment with my clients take about 3 hours to note down the damage and amount . Then it was further process by insurance company for the assessor to take over.

The total damage was about 14k and it take about near to 2 months to complete this assessment and cheque payout to the client. They are glad that they brought the home insurance and able to recovered the damage content that are caused by this incident. i am glad that they have call me in the 1st min when things happen.

below are some of the articles ( all items are not being display) as these are some of the examples of the damage content by water mark, wrap , damage, cracked and rust .

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