This is one of the portfolio that i handle. Alot of my friends ask me what are the return for investment be it using cash or CPF. The returns actually varies depend on your risk appetite and how the market performance. however if is for a long duration investment, the risk i would said it is manageable and lower than those who trying to time the market.

this is one example where i handle one of the portfolio that start from 2005 to 2017 ( till now ). it is brought in between with 3 amounts at different time. and you can see the initial investment value is 52k , and current value is 107K. a return more than 63 %!

i come across some of my friends who are more senior in age, they told me their investment is capital guarantee and i share with them just to beware and understand more what actually they brought, as there might be a miscommunication of presentation. Maybe you can ask yourself , why people don’t empty the bank money and put it all into investment if it is?

Investment come with different risk and depends on individual what they are looking for.   Do understand more before committing. 🙂

–  Past performance does not guarantee future result –

Christopher Loo

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