i am really glad that more and more information are bring reported about how the non guarantee are being maintained and being payout.

as mention in the report

“Based on publicly available Singapore data, only two of the 10 – AIA and Prudential – managed to keep their buffers at more than a third of their total Par assets in 2016, down from three a year ago”

once again it is highlighted that ‘A rough gauge of whether an insurer is in a position to pay out any future non-guaranteed bonuses is by looking at the size of their reserve buffers which support these payouts’.

and to readdress agian ‘From filings with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Prudential continued to record the highest reserve ratio of 42 per cent in 2016; it had a reserve buffer of S$8.03 billion and total assets in the Par fund of S$19.3 billion‘.



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