Gout is a type of arthritis type and not under Critical illness…

As years goes by, i started to hear my surrounding guy friends more and more diagnosed with Gout. It is a painful experience and need to on medication and change of lifestyle modification.

I really wonder how Gout come about ? and why men have a higher percentage to be contacted. 

I start to google and found alot of useful articles that came from myhealth

it is mentioned that 
Gout occurs when there is excessive uric acid in the blood. A gout attack usually lasts for five to 10 days and can affect any joint.

Have a read on the article as you will understand more about Gout, the expectation and how to treat them.

there are other information all about gout that you can found in myhealth. i feel it is very informative and it is all located on the left of the screen.

for example 

Gout causes and treatment

Let’s us have a better healthier lifestyle that we are going to start today.  🙂