Sometime when i met new friends , They asking me are you working as a Fitness trainer? 

I love fitness and the good vibes it given to me, It all started back few years back when i was at the lowest point in my life.

Fitness re-align my thoughts and give me the drive and energy to push through. i started to pick up running. The adrenaline rush that given to me after the run like a therapy that i needed. it’s pushes me to focus and added with fuel to move forward. Given me a chance to think about what is lie ahead and what can be done better. 


Then i started my those abs training at home, want to set a challenge for myself that i could make a different in my health and my life. If i don’t take care myself, what is going to happen to my boy? it will be very very messy. 


 From Feb 2016 till now, i know i am growing in term of person, not only my fitness. Fitness is a journey that mould my resilience and a better human as day by day passes by. With a healthier lifestyle, there are thousand reason to smile rather than frown, seeing things in much more different prospective. Everyone said i look different . yes I looks different and i feels different too. i love what have changes me and hope to influence more people to have a better lifestyle and taking care of own health and be stronger and love each single day aheads. Everyone have a choice.