Prudential – Year 2017, what they said about Christopher …


Last year #2016 was a challenging journey that i would said that it let me understand deeper more about life. i would said the purpose for living and seeing things in a much clearer and with a easy heart. I felt calm and peace. thank you to all my friends and relatives and my family give me all the supports and encouragement. it is great to have you all guys. Lastly also my boy Reuven, you are my pillar and support always. i am really happy and great that you are growing up strong and sensible. Daddy are proud to have you.

Really thank you all for giving me a chance and we all shall always stay connected. 🙂 blessed. 🙂


 JAN 17





  1. Kheng


    Thanks so much bro, even for a mini client like myself, you went all out w top notch service to help me w my claims.

    Never once pushy and always sincere, really appreciate it (:

    Have a great new year w your cute sonny and family bro!

  2. Edwin Tan

    Customer service officer

    Christopher was willing to take some time off his busy schedule to meet up with me and helped me with my surrender paperwork.Actually I felt very sad and thought it was already the end when i told him i have no choice but to surrender my life policy and because of this, i will be faced with many uncertainties without any protection.
    However Christopher took time to listen and encouraged me. Even though he do not recommend to any clients for policy termination, he respected my decision and shared with me that this surrender does not means “it’s the end” – he promised to wait for my financial situation to stabilise and will plan out a very good policy suitable for me (if i have plans to take up a life policy with prudential in the near future). I felt very touched that he is so professional!

    I will like to add that Christopher was also very prompt in following up with my request. I am very relieved to receive the cheque! Hope this will now tide me through my dark times.
    Once my financial improve, i will definitely come back to take up a protection policy with Christopher.

  3. Jakes Tian

    Christopher is a great friend. Although he is also an insurance agent, he is never like the stereotypes. He never pushed the policies against you. Instead, Chris is one of the most sincere, authentic person you can ever know. Not only he is willing to help others without any expectations in return, he is there when all you need is a listening ear. Furthermore, he has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. His encouragement means a lot to me even if he does not know this.

    I feel that Chris is a very smart and hardworking person. He is always down to earth when it comes to his way of living. I deeply respect Chris. The way he takes care of his kid, making sure that Reuven is never neglected, and all these while juggling with his work.

    I just want to say this to Chris, keep doing what you do. You are a respectable man.


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