Award 2014

Quality Club 2015

2014 was a challenging year. I would like to take this opportunity to express with a big Thank You to each and everyone for your given trust and supports! 🙂 All of you are really awesome and i will continue to be my very best, just like the way how you all know me.
Just remember, I am always ‘just next door’. 🙂


Thank you for all your valuable feedback! It is really heart warming and motivate me every single day! Hard to find words or simple sentence to express my gratitude towards you.

My compliment letter @ Prudential, (written by Client) thank you so much ! Really appreciate 🙂


  1. Ivan Sim

    Age: 34
    Airforce regular
    Chris is a hardworking and excellent in all he does. Confidence is one of the plus things he have and not easily give up.

  2. Ivor Tan

    Age: 36
    He is hard-working and very quick response in follow-up. He explains clearly on the policies to fulfill my needs.

  3. CheOng Sok Yee

    Age: 45
    Admin Support
    Chris is very friendly and hardworking agent. He is also very patient and know his products well. Fast in response and reply my message and doubt. Meet my needs and very detail in explaining my policy.

    Thank you, Chris.

  4. Keith Lim

    Age : 39
    Audio Visual Engineer
    Was his Polytechnic classmate back then. Your friendly sunshine boy-next-door with never ending energy. It will be a long story if I were to pen down how cheeky he was back then ^_^

    The man he is today, I see the passion he has for the matters he undertake be it personal or work wise. Sincere, approachable, friendly, jovial, positive, constructive, tactful, resourceful, takes pride in his work, flexible yet not leaving any space for doubts if you have any, builds his career with a personal touch.

    If you need his field of expertise for advise, he’s the only guy you need. No obligations, no hard-sell, no bollocks.

  5. Jennifer Tan

    Age: 27
    Chris is a responsible and committed person. Furthermore, he is very patience and i’m impressed with his efforts put in to break down information to digestible pieces with the aim of clarifying doubts. He is very versatile person in his explanation for he is able to summarize the main points and he is also to provide details when needed.

  6. Lim Fong Wai

    Age : 34
    Chris is very knowledgeable in his products and advised me on my needs very well. He is veey committed in delivering good customer service, he is always contactable and always willing to go the extra mile in helping me get the best product.
    Thank you, Chris!!

  7. Fadhly

    Age: 30
    Managing Director
    He is a very good and an attentive insurance agent. I met him at hdb hub while sending my documents to hdb. Up till now, he always update us on new insurance plan. A big thumbs up for chris. Keep up the good work bro!

  8. Syafiq

    Age : 24
    Chris is friendly and easy to approach when in doubt. He will try his best to meet my needs and also explains in details to each aspect of the policies and ensure that I fully understand them.

  9. ming sau

    Age: 25
    Chris is a very polite and harworking person. he take pride and responsibilities of his work.. he is the greatest agent that I ever seen.
    Thank you Christopher

  10. Joyce Ang

    Age: 50
    HR Manager
    We are ex-colleague and working together about two years plus.
    He speaks with enthusiasm and confidence.
    I believe he choose the right path.
    Chris 加油!

  11. Erid Adam Tian

    Age: 17
    I met Chris a few months back after I finished my ‘O’ Levels and was working part-time. He is very committed and hardworking, providing full transparency on the saving scheme and also advices. Chris responds quickly to my enquires and requests. He always goes the extra mile for his clients such that I do not see him merely as a financial consultant.

  12. Xian Qin

    Age: 26
    Chris is a very supportive and quick response on my questions. Gives good advice on savings and investment.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Chen ZhiRui

    Age: 20
    National Service
    I first met Chris near at an MRT at night when I was returning home. From our meetings, he is a very friendly and dedicated person who always responds to my enquiries quickly. He is also very adept at explaining things in a clear and concise manner.

  14. Yihan

    Age : 24

    A very nice guy. Met him through one of my colleague no doubt he is a very friendly and nice guy. He impress me with the knowledge he has in this field and he is always there when I’m in need of help. Remembered once I’ve received a insurance letter and I do not know how to handle the situation at a point of time and he was there to help and clear up all the things for me.Greatly appreciated. ☺️ Thumbs up for him 👍🏻👍🏻

  15. Shobana

    Age: 23
    Laboratory Assistant
    Chris is a very hard working and dedicated individual who delivers his work with much passion and sincerity. He is an attentive listener who advices specifically based on your needs. His friendly nature makes him approachable and easy to talk to.

  16. Esmond Ng

    Age: 23
    Trailer man
    Christopher never let you go home with a doubt.. 👍

  17. Ronald Tan

    Age: 23
    A commited and dedicated person. Really impressed with his knowledge in his field as he constantly keep abreast with the current ever changing society. Quick in his response when posed with an enquiry makes him a great partner to discuss and share your issues with him. 👍👍

  18. VRao

    Age: 41
    EHS Manager
    Chris is a responsible and committed person. He is highly product knowledgeble person. He is very patience and i’m impressed with his efforts put in to break down information to digestible pieces with the aim of clarifying doubts. He is very versatile person in his explanation for he is able to summarize the main points and he is also to provide details when needed. He have positive mindset concern of people life.

    Thanks Chris

  19. Gloria Pereira

    Age: 42
    Chris is able to cut through the insurance jargon and give it to you in bitesize pieces. He is reliable and helpful which is very important when you need to choose the right insurance out of so many different ones. He helped us to get the right plans for my family. Thank you Chris!

  20. yueru

    Age: 30
    Chris很热心, 待人真诚,工作认真, 守时。对于保险解释清楚仔细, 耐心解答每个问题。是个对生活和工作充满热忱的人。

  21. Cheyenne

    Chris is sincere and is attentive in listening to my needs. I felt very comfortable discussing my policies with him because he is not pushy at all.

  22. Vinay

    Age 33
    Chris is simply awesome. He is patient, diligent and friendly in dealing with customers. He not only sells his products but also guides what suits us better. Very Satisfied with the service I got from him. He is more of a friend now. Thanks Chris!

  23. SISi

    Age: 22

    One word I will use to describe Chris, PASSIONATE.

  24. Sunnie Ng

    Age : 32
    Operation Manager
    You can imagine a person who not trust the insurance… but now convince by Chris’s sincerity, professional, patience, attentive in listening what you need thus get the right plan for u!! Chris is very efficient and approachable to clear all your doubts. Chris not only selling the insurance product and also a person who concern people life, always sharing his experience of life, very informative. He more like a friend the a insurance agent! Thanks Chris!

  25. estherhere

    Age: 24
    After meeting quite a few financial consultants and seeing my friends becoming one as well as almost becoming one, I have a lot of my individual bias view on financial consultant in general. However, after meeting and knowing Chris for more than a year, I realize that he is indeed the Real Financial Consultant – one who provides financial advice or guidance to customers. For him, it was real because you can feel his professionalism when he is sharing with you. Most importantly, I know I can trust his words and this is important.
    I think the most admirable part about him is that even though he has his own views, but he is able to analysis and guide you on your needs based on what you want and what you have at your current point of life.
    So, Kudos to Chris!

  26. Bibin

    Age: 33
    It’s really interesting and helpful what Christopher is doing rather than an insurance agent .His articles are helping us a lot and guiding us . It’s highly recommended . All the best Bibin Paul

  27. irfan

    age: 25

    I see Christopher as a friend first more than anything else. he is genuinely concerned about the well being of those around him and is very patient and helpful in helping me out in whatever doubts I might have. Christopher is somebody I trust knowing that he puts my well being first and foremost. keep going buddy, you’re doing great and your passion is indeed contagious 🙂

  28. Azam

    Age: 23
    Job Seeker
    First met him when I was serving NS. His remarkable experience and competence in what he does is just awesome. He literally gives me a ‘just next door’ feeling as he is approachable and also an amiable person.

  29. Azmi


    he’s very knowledgeable and quick at responding on the doubts that i have regarding about the policy. Patient , hardworking, trustworthy, very passionate, polite. Well to sum it all he’s more of a friend now rather then an agent Keep up the good work bro

  30. Daryl Sim

    Age: 22

    Chris is patient in explaining the details of his company’s policies. He will definitely align his policies to fulfill my needs. Overall, I find him really helpful and would recommend him to my cliques.

  31. Eric Wong

    Christopher is the agent that I saw as the best agent in city that i had seen in my opinion. He thoroughly explains the policy that suit best to me. Whenever I had a doubt, I will look up for him and he’s quick in responding to my doubt. He’s affectionate and hardworking to keep not only to me but to his clients for all updates on physiological needs. Gratitude to meet such nice person on my life!!!

  32. eliahleong

    Age 24
    Sales Executive

    Chris is a good friend and caring brother. Passionate about his career and hardworking, he always does his best to meet my personal needs and cater to my unique situation. Always so quick to respond to my questions and going the extra mile to ensure that I am secure in planning my finances for the future. You can trust him to be there for you to his best ability when you need him.

  33. Davin

    Age: 24
    Air steward

    Chris is undoubtedly passionate in what he does and is an asset to any company that he work under. He is genuine and explains in details about the product he is selling and most importantly he is friendly and sincere.
    Unlike many others, Chris is definitely the man to go to when you are looking for someone you can trust over your insurance.

  34. Fahmi

    Age: 23
    Sales Exe/Student

    Chris is a very friendly and approachable person. In fact, never in my life have i met an insurance agent who is as passionate and responsible as Chris. He does his job seriously and you can always count on him whenever you have a problem. I would say that i am quite fortunate to have met him or i would still have no idea on how insurance go about. Given Chris constant dedication and abilities, i am sure he will continue to succeed in the future and i wish him all the best. Good luck my friend.

  35. Ruzaini

    Age: 24
    Fire & Rescue Specialist

    Chris is friendly and is always ready to answer to all my doubts regarding the policies available. His response is swift and he explain the details of every policy with full knowledge and confidence.

    The service that he provides for his clients are also commendable and shows genuine interest to meet the needs of his clients.

  36. Alaric

    Age: 26
    Marketing executive

    Known Chris for close to a year. Not only providing great advices in insurance related stuffs. He also gives me advises on other matters by texting me. He is knowledgeable in other stuffs in life too. He has been following up closely on my case and respond quickly to my queries. He is excellent in this area. Merry Xmas to you and your family!


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