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Quality Club 2016

2015 was a great year, family was doing well and make alot of new friends. it was like a journey on a Sea expedition accompanies with rough waves, storm and calm sea.


You given me your trust and board the ship with me. We cut through the waves and  the storm together. I am blessed to be rewarded with your valuable friendship.

Through this journey, i am glad i am not just able to share , i am also able to have the opportunity to learn from you with those interesting and valuable life experience and knowledge.  🙂

I would like to express my gratitude to all my friends for entrusting me. It was a remarkable journey to be with you all. I will continue to set sail to the open sea and pledge my commitment to do better each day. 🙂


SFC Summit Presentation

Thank you once again for all my clients for the support and trust. 🙂

Compliment Letters from clients @ Prudential

May 16

May 16


  1. Poh Soon Chow


    Christopher is a really hardworking person, effective in his work and able to listen well. His cheerful outlook and caring attitude makes him a very easy person to communicate with. He gave us the comfortable and safe feeling that insurance is more than just a business proposition. We are glad to have him as the agent for our son’s health policy. Keep up the great work!

  2. Tan Wei Howe


    Pretty cool guy. Excellent service and provide great tips and advices when you approach him. Willing to go that extra mile when you need help.
    2 thumbs up for Christ!!!!👍👍

  3. Ahmad Faishal

    Assistant Manager (Cafe)

    Christopher is a great person. Reliable, trustworthy and friendly. Always know i can depend on him. Amazing person to have as a friend!

  4. Steven Lim

    Sr Solution Consultant (IT)

    Met Christopher as a total stranger at a taxi stand after a trip to baby expo in Singapore Expo. Friendly guy, resourceful and is willing to share what he knows about parenting. My wife was expecting our first child then. He also talked about financial planning through insurance. Though I didn’t commit to it until a year later.

    His persistency, friendly and willing to share his knowledge are some of his traits that I found noteworthy. Pleasure to have met him.

  5. Hamish


    I met Christopher almost a year ago. I was very impressed by his approach. I have met alot of insurance agents before but somehow i was very drawn to Chris. Very friendly, jaunty and cheerful all the time.
    Early Last year i took medical insurance with Chris, but within a few months due to very bad financial circumstances i eventually stop paying and my account got lapse. I felt bad because it could have caused him a bad record.
    But he was understanding and constantly motivated me. Eventually after nearly 6-7 months things got better for me,i contacted him again and he was more than excited to get me started all over.

    Thanks Chris!!

  6. Ong Dewei


    Chris is a very positive and meticulous person. He’s attentive and has always listen to our needs and enquiries by giving his advise and cares.

  7. Esmond

    Self Employed

    I have known Christopher for more than a year. He is polite, friendly and helpful person. Unlike those past agents that I met, once policies sold, uncontactable or not in contact anymore.

    Christopher are always contactable and if you have past experience asking him something or questions, you know that he is always doing his best to reply fast.

    He let me felt that he is someone that I can count on even to claims as he really provide a good service.

    Overall he is more than a word ‘Agent’.

  8. Lee kian keong


    I have known christopher for more than 5 years plus. He is a good listener and patience person. He will advice what is relevant and even to daily life sharing. He will always do his best and go into explaination at different angle when i don’t really understand with certain point. He also keep me updated relate to my investment plan performance. I am fortunate to have him as my agent and handle my insurance portfolio.

  9. Jaz

    Account assistant

    Honest and friendly. Trustworty. 1 of the best insurance agent i ever met and the very 1st that made me felt i can depend on him ! 3 thumbs up if i have an extra hand 😂😂😂

  10. Bibin Paul


    Eventhough I know Christopher for one year , I could understand he is such a wonderful guy to deal with .Especially his articles and advices is so appreciated and help us a lot.Always easy to access him and ready to reply our comments and doubts .
    Thanks Christopher

  11. Max

    Program Manager

    It’s takes a bit of luck to encounter a good advisor and I consider myself fortunate enough to be service by Chris. Being a service provider myself, I do have my expectations when it comes to delivering standards. Chris is reliable, prompt, helpful and friendly. He’s got it down right to the essentials!


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