Wealth Diversification

Since Century it started, we already start cultivate a habit to put money in the bank; be it long term goal or short, we always feel safe that the money is there. Due to current economy, heavy inflation and our life span increases, saving might not just be an option any longer.

Most people will realise the power of inflation and purchasing power. the question is WHEN ? sometime we caught this too late, it might disrupt our lifestyle and families or the dream goal that you are looking for.

This is quite an interesting commercial video make from Thailand. Alot of take away you might have when you watch finish the video. What comes to your mind?

With proper planning and Wealth Diversification, it give some other options to individual to growth wealth with a more diversified port.

Be it looking for dividend , Single lump sum or discipline in a monthly manner in term of diversification, most important is to hear you and understand more to match your prefer goal/Lifestyles what you are looking for; matching your compatible risk appetite.


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