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  1. jane

    HR Executive

    Before i meet Chris, I was handle by another agent. I want to add in Premium Waiver but have been told that i can’t do that. At this time i think of Chris & contact him seek for his advise. He was willing to take some time off his busy schedule to meet up with me and helped me with this issue. I know that add in premium waiver is really very small amount for an agent, not all agent willing to do but Chris really very professional, he don’t mind to come down to my place at night time to help me settle this and finally i manage to add in premium waiver. I really appreciated it.
    I am very happy to know Chris, now he not only my insurance agent, also is my good friend 😀

  2. Abdul Jalil

    Maintenance personnel

    First time meeting Chris and I’ve received insightful advice both in life and financial planning. Have never experienced this with other insurance agents 😊 thank you for taking the time to clearly explain the proposed policies and helping me clear my doubts ✌️ Look forward to a lifelong working relationship with ya 👍

  3. Glamis Koh

    fly boy

    Chris is a genuine and sincere guy who is truly interested in establishing a relationship with his clients. He takes the effort to understand my situation and uses his professional knowledge to advice me. I’ve never felt uncomfortable with him as he does not pressure his clients. He is able to convey his ideas and plans well so that I can understand why he is recommending some things. I really appreciate that he only sells products that he believes in himself so I know that he is personally invested in the success of the products. I trust him with my financial planning and recommends him to anyone.

  4. LSLEE

    Quality surveyor

    Christopher is a humble, patience and wise agent. While having conversation with him, you will discover plan that suite you most 🙂


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