Looking back to the day 1 i started, it is incredible. i just have my mind to focus and to see if i consistant do 90 days with a consistant routine exercise and junk food kept at 30%, what can i achieved ?

So it is proven that all of us can do it, the belly are the deadly killer that alot of us will said that it is hard to get rid of and it is proven it can be.

Some people ask me what is the motivation i am doing this or what i want to achieved?

Train my mind with an end

First of all, i want to train my mind, why i would want to do that ? it is about an attitude. i remember i come across in the fb and i saw those over 50 + uncle who are so macho and i know a friend who can hand stand, he also share with me that it takes him a year to able to do that. i was thinking time and consistant is the key. i must give myself sometime to prove it. Majority giving alot of excuses that it cant be done, or no reason after 2 weeks or i am too bulky than than the thinner one so is harder…

Formula ? 

it is mind over body.

Execution ?

Determination x Consistent  = Habit

Result ? 

Have an end in mind ? like 90 days what kind of result are you expecting?

1. How to stay motivated ?

Document your results. you will see day by day your improvement and you know if you stopped, all your effort will be wasted. Just like running a marathon, it is not how fast u run, or you have participated, it is to complete the run you started with a story that you could look back.

2. These are the 90 days progress status. ( training Log)

Day 1 to 30  Progress

For the 1st 7 days i would said nothing much cant be seen. exercise routine are tried as body are still trying to adapt and also learning the right way of the exercise.

After 7 days visible shape is form, however fats still found on most of the parts.

After 14 days, the top visible abs start to shape up.

After 21 days , the top and ctr abs visible line start to form

After 30 days , the top abs are more solid , however the rest still need to work hard.

Day 31-60  Progress

after day 37, the side abs start to show some sign.

after day 44 , the side fats are trim down

after day 50, the ‘bottom two line’ start to show (bottom abs)

After day 60, all are trimmed.

Day 61 – 90  Progress

After day 68, started to show three sections ( layers ) top ctr and bottom.

After day 79 , started feel tighter your abs, and the 4 packs more visible

After day 84, the lower abs start to show more visible and contour.

After day 90 , the above picture.

3. So what did i achieved ?

i break the myth. i did not go gym , no special medicine, diet 70/30 means 30 % still junk food. i still can achieved this. it is about how much we want to make it happen. i see myself as a ranger,  i want to chiong first and see the possibility and once yes , i will encourage my friends that we all can do it too. there are no special recipe on this and cutting corner.

when end of the 90 days, your mind will be stronger, more discipline, more health conscious and yes you got it . A habit is form. A healthy life style and more positive mind set. 🙂 just like you look at the picture before and after. imagine yourself you are in that pic, what do you feel about yourself when you look at it?

4. Lesson learn – Protein to input more

i did not realise that my weight was lost. i lost about 7 kg in total.  almost all my friends saw me said that i need to go back my old weight. yes i neglected that i thought i have enough protein in my diet , however it is not. now my part 2 training is to carry my training and beef up too…. 😉

To all my friends who also inspired to me, giving me encouragement and you all also join me or going to start the exercise too. you all are amazing! 🙂 let’s maintain a healthy lifestyle together. 🙂








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