Throw back 4 day ago prudential awards nite. Time flies, This is my 4th year in Prudential. I would siad, It toned me up with vibes and enrich my circle of life🌍. To me, it is more than just a rewarding career.
Along this journey, i pick up alot of valuable sharing and encouragement from each and everyone.
Be it🍞 breakfast,🍽 lunch🍵 coffee chat, or 🍽dinner. Thank you for your time. We always have a great time and some of it give us a good laugh😊. Attending to this Pru awards nite 2017 . It is you all make this happen. 🤗 Allow me to earn an recognition.😊 Thank you !🙇感恩!
Given me a privilege to be your trusted key to assist part of your important matter.
I would also like to express thank you to my mentor @tanwuhao1 , it is always great to be in your team.
Someone that always humble and support each and everyway. Congrats for our agency bronze awards 🏆
And to my comrades, lets continue work hard! and not forgetting the new #bukhansanclan and to #winnersharbour lets jia yo ! ^.^ And my boy @reuvenloo , you are always my happy antidotes! And my family too ^.^

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