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Accident plan claims due to sports injuries

This month i help some of the clients to do a claims due to sport injuries and the claims are quite fast. Their Premium pay a year about $186 and they are protected with medical bills relate to their sport injury.


Total amount for each accident  claims up to 1,299.00 and $577.00 respectively.

I am glad it is all taken care of. 🙂


claims AIG 1


claims 2 aig

when your friends are looking for more information or yourself relate how accident plan protect you with just a small premium. feel free to contact 97475723, what apps also will to. 🙂

have a great day ahead 🙂



*Claims must be submitted and underwrite by the underwriter for accurate assessment. This is just for information only. 

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New Launch Pruman, Prulady, Prueasy

This month Prudential launch  3 plan.

Pru new plan.jpg

Pru lady 

Key Benefits

  • Preventive health screening once every 2 years2
  • Comprehensive coverage specific for women
    • Covers female-related medical conditions3 and procedures3
    • Covers reconstructive or skin grafting surgeries3
    • Provides coverage for post diagnosis support3
  • Premium waiver for 36 months upon female illnesses claim4
  • Optional add-on coverage to include
    • Pregnancy complications
    • Congenital illnesses
    • Hospital care


Key Benefits

  • Preventive health screening once every 2 years2
  • Comprehensive coverage specific for men
    • Covers male-related medical conditions3 and procedures3
    • Covers reconstructive surgery or skin grafting surgeries3
    • Provides coverage for physiotherapy3 in the event of an accident
  • Premium waiver for 36 months upon male illnesses claim4


  • Simplified underwriting; Answer only two health questions
  • Hassle-free application process; No medical examination required

By providing essential coverage for death and Terminal Illness, with an option to add Total and Permanent Disability coverage, Prueasy term helps to ease the financial strain that falls on your family, should something unfortunate happen to you.


Just less than a dollar of a day. and the plan come with complimentary check up for pruman and prulady. i would said it is a good initiative for the pruman plan as previously there are clients being asking me about this.



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Going oversea somewhere and wonder which money changer provide a good rate?

money changer


As i am going a trip with my boy to japan next week, my close friend share with me this website and i feel it is quite good. as it show which money changer provide a good rate for the exchange! 🙂


Remember to book mark this and give it a try next time.


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My Prudential Pruselect investment tracking part 2

PS investment


Pruselect Dec14.jpg

How many months premium had pay : Dec 14 till May 17 = 28 months  

Total premium pay : = $400 x 28 months = $11,200

Current value : $11,817.06 ( Profit current : $617.06) 

Projected values : in the 36 months =  $10,947.00 

In view of my tracking of my first investment plan, it’s performance are already pass the

Benefit illustration as propose. i have being diligently doing the rebalance and follow the portfolio closely.


and as mention this is the 2nd portfolio that it is done in Jan17. 


pruselect jan17

pruselect jan17. current value

How many months premium had pay : till May 17 = 4 months  

Total premium pay : = $350 x 4 months = $1,400

Current value : $14,32.28 ( Profit current : $32.28) 


As it is suggested and believe that investment need time for growth and diversification, not timing into the market.



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Looking for your 80s/90s snacks? 老街坊 Lao Jie Fang – might be a shop for you…


This is lao jie fang, a Singapore shop that i feel the owner put in some much effort to give us back our singapore 80s /90s childhood memory ; snacks.

A snack that times goes by , will be forgotten or new snack being replaced.

It is ;

a place that a tunnel might created.

A tunnel memory that dig into ypur happy and sweet childhood once agian.

Looking at individual snack, you will be thinking how long i did not see this ? Is it still taste the same ? Omg i still can taste this! Lol..

I believe by looking at it , it already will stir alot of childhood memory and smiles will come to your face.

It did for me , how about you ?

Sometime we just like to have some flashback, dont we? ^.^ and we also might like to share this memory with our children.

Make a trip down if you are interested! ^^

It is located at chinatown.

03-1074- 32 New Market Rd, Singapore 050032


and currently the owner is busy expanding another shop. Will keep you all  posted. 🙂



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Sompo Accident plan – Are you aware of the *Cash benefit* ?

Today just reminded one of my friend to submit for the claims relate to the cash benefit and i decided to blog under here for mass sharing.

Under the Sompo insurance, technically if you are not able to work due to the accident and have Medical Certificate, you are eligibility to submit for a claim on this.

 Weekly income benefit

refer to below; D

Sompo weekly income benefit it is calculated as per week basic and refer to your salary for proration.

refer to the brochure 

What documents do I need to submit?

  • Original medical certificates
  • Medical certification / Doctor’s memo stating nature of injury
  • Latest pay slip on letterhead or duly certified by employer
  • Other evidence of remuneration which must be duly certified


below are one of the example that i done the claims before;

weekly benefit statement

The breakdown are Medical Expenses are $38,00 and Temporary total disablement is $28.57 for two days not able to work.


Feel free to text if you have any more questions . 🙂


as for my friend case, it is not just 2 digit figure, as he is off work for more than 2 months and the plan he/she get are on a higher tie.

$650 per week  x8 = $5,200

so you can imagine the money will be so useful.


*Claims must be submitted and underwrite by the underwriter for accurate assessment. This is just for information only. 

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Traveling – Found your luggage damage?

I think the most common claims that i done for travel insurance are related to luggage damage and this is one of the claims example;

Things to do

The things are required are airline report of the damage.

The receipt of the luggage

The picture of the damage and the overall view of the luggage.

and a claim form (to be completed)  from the the company.

After approval and access of the claims, if there are no hips-cup. the claim take about 1 to 2 weeks for it to be completed.

cheuqe issue luggage damage


*Claims must be submitted and underwrite by the underwriter for accurate assessment. This is just for information only.