In the month of Aug, this is another claims example how an accident plan come in handy. with an Accident plan coverage, we can go for treatment without worry about the cost of the treatment.

this is one of my client claims about $960 in total. under physiotherapy treatment.

Per session cost him $240.00 and you can imagine how expensive it is. This claims actually take quite long ( about 2 months) as the holding up is due to medical report (additional request from AIG to the doctor) and the delay of the report result the claims to be delay as well. in the end, all was good and client is relief.

the bottom example are another client of mine who claim physiotherapy treatment.and the continue treatments amount up to $505 + $480 = $985.00

*Just take note most accident plan don’t covered for professional sports. Do enquiry more and reconfirmed your plan, if you happen to be professional sportsman.:)

if you are an active person, sometime injury will just happen,  like the last claim i done for myself, i have my bilatual elbow sprain during my work out.

*Claims must be submitted and underwrite by the underwriter for accurate assessment. This is just for information only. 





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