recently Prudential come out a new product Pru Triple protect , i would said it help to close up the gap of the coverage

With PRUtriple protect, your coverage doesn’t tend after you have made your first major illness(Critical Illness) claim. You can claim up to 300% of your basic coverage amount (Sum Assured) and for multiple illnesses.

for example

Someone  who is Age next birthday : age 29 Female / Non Smoker

Occupation : Administrative Exec / Manager (Class 1)

Sum Assured ($)10,000
Policy Term (Years) 46 years

Monthly Premium ($)

Pru Triple Protect 10,000 46 8.94

Early Protector 5,000 46 1.92

Total Premium :  Monthly : $10.86

i would said this is the 1st time i seen with a premium of about $10 monthly, we can start to have a coverage of 300%.

this is the prudential brochure 

feel free to text or ask me any question. 🙂

it is also published in straits times as well.


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specific details and exclusions applicable to these insurance products in the policy documents.