Recently Pru has come out a new endowment plan and i see the features are quite good, For example, Minimum 5 years premium pay and wait 10 years for the plan to mature. The plan are quite flexible in term of choices refer for the premium pay years and the number of year for the plan to matured.

For example a 5 years premium pay and plus another 10 years for the plan to mature,at 4.75% p.a , the total illustrated yield at maturity is 3.60% p.a.

so for example if total premium you put about $80,477, the return is about $127,571.  ($47,000 gain)

so lets said if a person who has an idle cash about $80,500 and taking an interest of 1% p.a , the below chart you can see the effect of the inflation over 20 years even with the 1% interest he is earning.