i was a fan of this @workout_ability from instagram and this little comic reflect alot of things in life. i still remember the very 1st time when i wanted to go gym to build up my muscle and i ask one of friend to go with me. As we are both are in a bad shape, his answer given to me was he was afraid to go to the gym as he afraid to give people laugh at him saiding we are too thin and why we are doing there.  i still pressed on and went alone for gym routine and i gain my masses and muscle growth. Cos i told myself i maybe letting people laughing at me when i hit the gym, but i am proving myself i am making an effort to lead the health and goal i want to achieve.

i feel there are no shame on this when people are passionate on their goal and dedication. Although this incident took place more than decade or longer, i still remember this, cos this really make me feel a sense of small achievement during that time. imagine with a weight of 55 kg to a weight of 65 kg  and growth of muscle mass, delicate time for gym and work out almost 4 times to 5 a week continue for a year alone.

Then recent years , i don’t know how many donkey years i did not work out at all and due to some events happen to me , i was given a chance to rethink of my life and goal. I step into exercise routine again. there are of course, some people that made you more focus on your goal. As some of them siad they don’t understand why am i doing  this, or i will not do this as i already done long ago and is enough for me. or some might said this training was not good, it is not helpful at all and some was very motivating said i definitely can do it . All these are nice feedbacks as i understand where they coming from. As i am the captain of the ship, i listen to the suggestion and modify what can be done better.  if you ask me , what is the most important of the take away. it is the attitude and faith towards my goal.

it teaches you never give up, patient, focus, habit and discipline.  Just like a disciple told by his master that he need to go up the mountain to pick a special plant, once taken he will be invincible, but in order to go up the mountain, he has to build himself with strength and along the way ask for help and face all the toughness along the way to the destination. in the end there are no special plant that make him super strong, it is the toughness of the journey that mould him up his skill. The journey’s itself are already a gem.

so no matter what you facing now, when we reach our goal i would feel  we will always think of the journey how we did it, those memorable , tough , sweat that make you a better and stronger man . this is what i call gems. : )

My quote ,

The success we have tomorrow, are the gems we collected today. 

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12thJune to 2nd Nov – 4 months+ had passed. Slide to right (beware)🙈 Looking Into my fitness journey few years ago till now , keep on improving and step into different platform and health shapes. Into gym 🏋️‍♂️ a year ago, thanks to my friends influence and I push it from then. All I know , my health get better, vibes and my surrounding friends also get stronger and they are the one who influence me indirectly too and learn little steps along the way and fine tune to achieve the mini goals. If you are on a self doubt🤷‍♂️, start today ! If you don't know how to do it🕹 , engage today ! If you want to have a healthier🤸‍♂️ lifestyle , start some changes ! If⏱ time not enough, plan it! If if if if , just throw away the 'if' and replace with a 'when' That is when the 1st🧙‍♂️ magic happen! 🙆‍♂️ Do it for yourself and your family. Keep active 🙂 Everyone have a choice 🔥 What is yours? 🔥 #lifeisajourney #willkeeponimproving #vibes #fulfilment #goal #healthgoal #discipline #christopherloo

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The more challenge we survive,
The past seem small,
As it doesn’t matter anymore ,
It shall make me strong*