hi There!  Congrats for realising your dream and be one of the important role in aviviaton. 🙂  you might have scroll to this page with a friend referal or by browsing search engine that you are looking for the coverage as safeguarding your income. 

In liberty , we have Paymaster to have you covered. 


In a quick glance, 

• Income protection following permanent loss of license
due to accidental bodily injury or illness
 • Compensation for death following accidental
bodily injury
• Cover for personal liability against third party claims
whilst overseas
• Coverage is extended to include passive war situations
• Access to worldwide security alerts
• 24-hour assistance through Liberty Helpline (+65) 6636 1131
• Emergency medical evacuation
• Waiver of hospital admission deposit at designated hospitals
in Hong Kong, China & Taiwan
• Access to bail bond facility
• Worldwide coverage

 just some simple questions and we are good to go.  Drop me a call or whats’s app to ask for any information. 



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Representative AIG/SOMPO/LIBERTY

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