Learning Chinese Language – 


since young,  we communicate English and seldom speak Chinese. Currently when you are primary one, and finally a trigger point that we really need to sit down and improve your Chinese. 

Han Yu Pin Ying

– First of all, i start to realized you are not able to identify the 4 vowels sound. and i use all sort of method to make you remember and read out the 4 vowels how it is being pronounce. and each different vowel will means different words and meaning . This is so special and unique about Chinese. 

 then by using alot of  hand expression (up,down), tone, and face expression, finally you grab it.  still you have difficulty to compare and identify the correct vowel match with the right word when matching the right character.


and i know you have reach your max capacity for now and using another method by i read the 4 vowel and ask you to identify to match the words.  sometime you can get it but most of the time i know you just guessing . lol 

the root to solve this, i have to start with you everyday read  a page of chinese words to make you able to identify more chinese character,  read the words correctly , (exercise your tongue and mouth to read the words) as reading the right words , we start off by reading the words correctly by placing our tongue at the right place, and mouth wide or small or etc.. 


daddy also learning together with you to coach u to the best way that you can learn faster and easiler. 😉 jia you my boy 🙂 love u