A little about #Christopherloo


When you hear people talk about Christopher, they will describe him as; joyful, approachable, resourceful and chatty.

Christopher enjoy sharing information he knows. He has a curiosity nature, be it from; IT gadget, health and even to parenthood, he finds many ways to seek information that are useful and logical.

In the conversation, he also picks up new things and new knowledge from others too.

He firmly believes by sharing, people can avoid learning through the hard way, as he fell that some experience are too painful to go through personally.

He has a son, name Reuven. 🙂 A boy with a Sunshine smile that never fail to cheer his Daddy up.

He always thought that life is smooth sailing. However, things happen, let him know that life is really tough and unpredictable. Choices people make often lead us no way but to accept. Looking at all the challenges that he came across, he shall know that he is going to be more positive than before, to push through.

#ChristopherLoo’s  Thoughts

Given by his clients for all the trust that he met, he has promoted to Senior Financial Consultant @ Prudential in the month of April 16. As he is always hunger in term of knowledge, he is on his way to bring himself up to Chartered Financial Consultant. Currently he is an Associate and Senior Financial Consultant. Yes i am an Prudential Agent.

This is what he said;” Over the years, I am really thankful, i met a lot of new friends through my nature of my work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time too. I would like to thank each and every one of you, families and friends. You all really make a different to me.”

Above all, Chris is sincere, learning to be better each day and meeting new people.
He is definitely someone who you will enjoy to chat with.

You may like to know him more as what others said. 🙂

He also enjoy to blog for My Son, Reuven for his growing up.

Reuven growing up blog







Thank you all my close friends and family, you individual message really make us feel us warm. 🙂

Christopher’s Quote

Challenges we survived, 
The past seems small,
it doesn’t matter anyway,
As each Steps make us Strong