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red apple recommendation is sweet and cruchy!


cos of my boy, my diet has change on certain way , more fruits in our meals. hehe. and i start to buy different countries and brands of apple.

the above picture is the one i highly recommended. even my boy love it so much . it is cruchy , sweet and yummy!

you may get it from NTUC, amd try yourself. 🙂

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High Cholesterol ??? What can we do to improve or minimise it?

High Cholesterol are something that we did not even notice from health alert or body signal unless we went for a blood test. I would said it is a silent killer as it creep in silently and when exploded it would cause a bad impact on health , such as heart problem, stroke etc…


Number of Death 

source from,  the number of heart disease that people has pass away due to heart disease or stroke are escalating.  The statistics are 1 out of 3 person died from this.


Good news is, medicines or drugs might not be necessary when we have high cholesterol, we can improve a better health by improve our life style with regular exercise and right diet and this will reduce a great % that might escalate lead to stroke and heart diseases.

Relate to an article from the straitstimes recently , there might be some food to eat or avoid to improve the condition. such as Nut , use olive oil and regular exercise even WedMd also support this.


So start a little change today! , grab your shoes, go gym, change abit of your diet. it will contribute along the way. 🙂

Let’s us live our life with a better health and enjoy fullest ! 🙂 #YOLO