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Re-location for my light point with bad extension*(Rectify + Troublesome)

just to cut story short , the extension of my dinning table light was not a good job by previous contractor. my light was often fused and spoils and found out that they have use those normal wires to connect my light point (extension due to shift abit of the location light point) .



Activiate a referal electrician and they really do a good job.



track light(LED)  are up and make replacement and place more easier and cosy.


I can even choose for white light or more lights to be added too.

just to add, when doing change of location of light point and extension , be sure they use thone thick brown cable like those default in house points. cos those wires are very easy spoilt and might fuse your light easily.

changing or retifying need to ‘hack’ the ceiling to take out the cable and redo agian. so .. I think you know how hassle it can be…^.^

all is good for me now. 🙂


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Cove light? RGBW? bright enough?

finally after 5 year of my led strip, it is time for a replacement.


there it is , I search from on line and get quite a good deal for warm white and RGBW.


Do the removal and installation , definitely u need a good ladder and work out.


my home are bright again with these replacement, so far I feel the light are quite stable and bright ( 5050 model) . and the RGBW, bring some ambient too and my boy love it. he call rainbow/magic light.

there are different options  for the RGBW to be selected relate to the pattern and colours and tones. quite responsive.

really worth  buying .. ^.^ with these rainbow and magic light. 🙂

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BTO check List








After my recent post of the corridor trapment water, some of my friend ask if i have any checklist when collecting the keys for my BTO.

In general, These are as follows where i feel quite important;

1. Doors and handles

check for the door any cracks and handles lock.

Use the keys to check is it able to open for individual door.

2.floor tiles

these are quite common to find one or 2 pieces to be crack or chip off. especially at the living room.

3. bathroom tiles (wall and floor)

there might be cracks can be found on the wall tiles . Sometime cracks might result after a huge vibration from neighbour renovation.

4. walls chip off/crack

if you don intend to repaint, check for those wall chip off and cracks. Save your trouble from patching.

5. toilet bowls

check if it is working and any leaks after each flushes and cracks too

6. Wall side skirting

check for any visible cracks

7. window glass/rubber sealing/hitches

Check for the window glass any crack, if rubber sealing is not tight enough, ask them to change, this can in a better sealing for air con .

Check the hinges whether they are good conditions.

Summary :

These are some of the important checks that i felt are quite important and should not left out. 🙂

hope its helps.

Have a great sunday too. 🙂


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Another Water trapment in front of the corridor (BTO)

Another BTO area corridor water trapped

Few days ago came across with one of the neighbourhood BTO also have the similar problem as mine, that is refer to the uneven ground that trap the water in front of the corridor. To process thing fast, it is always good to go to MP staight away from the past experience.

Guys just another caution, Do remember to put this in your checklist, when you getting your keys for your BTO, please ensure this is done properly to minimise your daily frustration whenever u step in or out of the home.

it also save your effect from arranging this and that for the leveling of the floor again. it is really ‘painful’ for the expediting and arranging with all the coordination, trust me u will want to avoid this. 🙂


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BTO – Your hanger poles (retract wires always break?)


If one day you give up on asking for a repair . You might like to consider this.

Use two cable locks (get from hardwareshop) on each side. Adjust the height where you can hang the clothes easily and tighten the cable lock.

Till today I am still practising and not annoy by the retract wire fail. 🙂

Hope it helps 🙂




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New home coming ? what is the interest rate for different banks?

Last week just happen to touch to a topic with a friend of renovation loan as he is getting him home soon. i remember my time i done a comparison before with different bank renovation rate 5 years ago, and RHB seems the most competitive. however i remember RHB payment was quite troublesome, cos we need to repay by giro deduction of the RHB account and there are no other option available. currently there are AXS mode , handphone apps mode to make things more simple.

Comparison Rate from Different Banks

i happen to saw this comparison and i feel are quite informative. Currently Maybank also catch up in the competitive rate.

rate for renovation 2016 banks


Whether to take up/no to a Renovation loan?

It might depend on certain factors worth considering;

1) Budget of future household items
sufficient cash flow after renovation? Has a Plan in mind how to progress it?

2) Raining days
cash flow able to tide on?

3) Lump sum if did not pay out for renovation loan, better use and return?

4) Do not wish to have any outstanding loan, feel uncomfortable?

5) are you able to control your financial in a way you are using ‘future money’?

Things to Note

Just a caution, when people take up a loan, they might thought they can handle well. Tend to take up more loan or complacent, such as repayment loan that they might be able to handle well. it might be good that to plan ahead with 5 years or 7 years window time frame for consideration as what are the major contribution cash flow or things might happen and this might help increase the chance to caught in an off guard situation.

Do have a good discussion with your partner as any late or void payment have number of consequences.

have a happy holiday everyone! 🙂


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Anything to take note when installing your air-conditioners?

 Past few weeks, the weather are very hot and humid, and happen to share with a friend about my  air- con installation during my past home renovation period.

Take note If your home have a L box, or false celling, please do remember and insist must open a ‘hole’ for the air con. for my case, it was not done. there must be a gap big enough for the inflow air into the aircon.

1. Air Con need space  for air inlet

2 year later, my air con became weak and almost down. Find an expert and recommended to do a chemical wash. thank god it still can be saved. i quickly ask the contractor to ‘reopen the hole’ for the air con and now it is working very well.

The mistake cost me,

air con almost unable to repair,

Take up more electricity as require higher blower every night

‘Clean up’ and allocate  time to do the modification.


2. Air con piping

If yours is a new flat, do consider how you want to route your piping and there is an option to increase the piping sizes, A bigger size of the piping might help the  air-conditioner  to drain water more efficiently  and slow down the possibility of leakage. Do ask this when you are buying, as it cost just a little more.


3. piping at the service Yard

If you like to have the layout piping to have a neater feel , You may just like to share with the techinician during installation. Some pictures illustrate are not’ cover fully’.



hope it helps.

Next, i will post how i do my cleaning  maintenance for my air conditions in my next post.