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Going oversea somewhere and wonder which money changer provide a good rate?

money changer


As i am going a trip with my boy to japan next week, my close friend share with me this website and i feel it is quite good. as it show which money changer provide a good rate for the exchange! 🙂


Remember to book mark this and give it a try next time.


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Looking for your 80s/90s snacks? 老街坊 Lao Jie Fang – might be a shop for you…


This is lao jie fang, a Singapore shop that i feel the owner put in some much effort to give us back our singapore 80s /90s childhood memory ; snacks.

A snack that times goes by , will be forgotten or new snack being replaced.

It is ;

a place that a tunnel might created.

A tunnel memory that dig into ypur happy and sweet childhood once agian.

Looking at individual snack, you will be thinking how long i did not see this ? Is it still taste the same ? Omg i still can taste this! Lol..

I believe by looking at it , it already will stir alot of childhood memory and smiles will come to your face.

It did for me , how about you ?

Sometime we just like to have some flashback, dont we? ^.^ and we also might like to share this memory with our children.

Make a trip down if you are interested! ^^

It is located at chinatown.

03-1074- 32 New Market Rd, Singapore 050032


and currently the owner is busy expanding another shop. Will keep you all  posted. 🙂



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Endowment plan – what to look out for ?

Recent On-line post 

Recently there are some of my friends ask me relate to a recent online circular post. it was mentioned that how come the policyowner put in the money every month in the end did not get back as what is expected or even worst did not get back what he ‘promised’?

When i look at the policy, it was an old plan. and the plan has emphasis the key of the plan. That is ‘purpose‘ of the plan is for the list of protection. Then there are riders added attached to it that make up of the total premium about 38% of the 100 premium annually. 


Rider do not contribute to Accumulation

i would emphasis agian that rider do no contribute to the accumulation or i would said rider premium is just a component just for protection.

Mature policy in 2014 ( 25 years plan survive the economic crisis )  

Just to illustrate that below are one of my client that has the plan mature since 2014, you can see that the plan rider’s premium are kept little.

Monthly premium $148.50

Total Premium 25 years pay : $44,550 / Maturity in Nov 2014 : $79,005.70

Company Performance 

when you hear people saiding about how good their company is or how company did not manage well even during the the economy crisis,  you may decide how it stand. 🙂

Referring to the online post ,  just looking at the fact now. i would said, the policyowner and the agent that sell the plan know the truth.

if you would like to see or understand more on the companies reserved funds and participating fund. click the link.

Priority/needs –  Selling and buying 

Such as what are the actual needs or what is the main reason to purchase a policy? is it the policy owner emphasise the protection as the main concern and get some money in return? or purely to focus more on accumulation and less protection need? (just like my below example). Has the agent advice on the return? did he mention the riders do not contribute? did he also share other factors that might be concern to the policyowner?

Moving forward, always know what you buying for, if there are some questions that you don’t understand, make sure you clear the doubt before you moved forward. listening and Communication are the always the important keys. 🙂

Clear the Doubt before you put your signature 

i would advice never take for granted even your agent is your relative or good friend or close one. Assumption is always a spoiler after that.


i sincerely hope the case will have a good outcome. all the best. 🙂


endowment with profit

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Other insurance companies integrated plan premium increased

As share the last posting about the premium increased, most of the companies are on the route to increase the premium for the integrated shield premium to keep up  the high inflation of the private hospitalise bills. As the new article has mentioned, NTUC and GE are making the move too…




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Lost phone tracker -Are you aware ?

yesterday happens to share with my friend about this lost phone tracker.

as today she ask me are you the one who lost your phone? i said yes and my phone is returned by the taxi driver.:)  god blessed. 🙂

phone locked


locate phone

from the tracker is really cool ; first of all you can locked your phone from the account on line and there will be a display showing a message on the default screen on the phyiscal phone itself.


there is no way to turn off the phone. and you are able to see your phone on the GPS tracker map…

Ring the phone !

When you are near the phone , you can just press a dial ‘ring’ , you will be able to know the exact phone location by hearing where the ringtone comes by.

wipe out your phone information- last resort


if worst phone really cant be retrieved, you can wipe all your cards detail in sumsang pay and photos and all. however once you done that, you will be disconnected remotely with this phone…

start today go and register ya. 🙂 it is helpful in certain way.






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red apple recommendation is sweet and cruchy!


cos of my boy, my diet has change on certain way , more fruits in our meals. hehe. and i start to buy different countries and brands of apple.

the above picture is the one i highly recommended. even my boy love it so much . it is cruchy , sweet and yummy!

you may get it from NTUC, amd try yourself. 🙂

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Master the basic skill of Rubik’s Cube – what’s next?

Journey of my learning Rubik’s Cube

Since Feb 17, i have being trying to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube. how it started …

my son saw my dad able to solve the cube and he give the cube to my boy as he is attracted by the colours of the six sides.  Then literary he pass it to me to solve it.

i would like to be my boy hero too, i don’t want to disappoint him and beside is something i left it there long ago and did not pick up. then i started the journey.

it take about a month for me to be able to complete this about 2min. i learn it when reuven is sleeping, waiting for client, and on the train or bus. i feel so good as time are not wasted and i pick up a skill in a way. perhaps this might help me during my old age to deter dementia. lol

going for another skill or pick up something more when i on the move. TIme are always clicking and it is always very fulfilling that i have spend it to learn to be my boy hero and a skill. 🙂

During the learning phase, i realise one thing;

1st – when u are about any % to complete it and without completing the cube, it is basically nothing that you have achieved. Focus and determination is the key. 🙂

in face this is like in our life too, if we give up too easily , everything we done or our hard work will be gone in the drain.

As long we keep going,  we definitely will see the light from the tunnel and exit it beautifully. 🙂