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Prudential Awards Nite 2017


Throw back 4 day ago prudential awards nite. Time flies, This is my 4th year in Prudential. I would siad, It toned me up with vibes and enrich my circle of life🌍. To me, it is more than just a rewarding career.
Along this journey, i pick up alot of valuable sharing and encouragement from each and everyone.
Be it🍞 breakfast,🍽 lunch🍵 coffee chat, or 🍽dinner. Thank you for your time. We always have a great time and some of it give us a good laugh😊. Attending to this Pru awards nite 2017 . It is you all make this happen. 🤗 Allow me to earn an recognition.😊 Thank you !🙇感恩!
Given me a privilege to be your trusted key to assist part of your important matter.
I would also like to express thank you to my mentor @tanwuhao1 , it is always great to be in your team.
Someone that always humble and support each and everyway. Congrats for our agency bronze awards 🏆
And to my comrades, lets continue work hard! and not forgetting the new #bukhansanclan and to #winnersharbour lets jia yo ! ^.^ And my boy @reuvenloo , you are always my happy antidotes! And my family too ^.^

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My 90 days Abs training completed….


Looking back to the day 1 i started, it is incredible. i just have my mind to focus and to see if i consistant do 90 days with a consistant routine exercise and junk food kept at 30%, what can i achieved ?

So it is proven that all of us can do it, the belly are the deadly killer that alot of us will said that it is hard to get rid of and it is proven it can be.

Some people ask me what is the motivation i am doing this or what i want to achieved?

Train my mind with an end

First of all, i want to train my mind, why i would want to do that ? it is about an attitude. i remember i come across in the fb and i saw those over 50 + uncle who are so macho and i know a friend who can hand stand, he also share with me that it takes him a year to able to do that. i was thinking time and consistant is the key. i must give myself sometime to prove it. Majority giving alot of excuses that it cant be done, or no reason after 2 weeks or i am too bulky than than the thinner one so is harder…

Formula ? 

it is mind over body.

Execution ?

Determination x Consistent  = Habit

Result ? 

Have an end in mind ? like 90 days what kind of result are you expecting?

1. How to stay motivated ? 

Document your results. you will see day by day your improvement and you know if you stopped, all your effort will be wasted. Just like running a marathon, it is not how fast u run, or you have participated, it is to complete the run you started with a story that you could look back.

2. These are the 90 days progress status. ( training Log) 

Day 1 to 30  Progress

For the 1st 7 days i would said nothing much cant be seen. exercise routine are tried as body are still trying to adapt and also learning the right way of the exercise.

After 7 days visible shape is form, however fats still found on most of the parts.

After 14 days, the top visible abs start to shape up.

After 21 days , the top and ctr abs visible line start to form

After 30 days , the top abs are more solid , however the rest still need to work hard.

Day 31-60  Progress

after day 37, the side abs start to show some sign.

after day 44 , the side fats are trim down

after day 50, the ‘bottom two line’ start to show (bottom abs)

After day 60, all are trimmed.

Day 61 – 90  Progress

After day 68, started to show three sections ( layers ) top ctr and bottom.

After day 79 , started feel tighter your abs, and the 4 packs more visible

After day 84, the lower abs start to show more visible and contour.

After day 90 , the above picture.

3. So what did i achieved ? 

i break the myth. i did not go gym , no special medicine, diet 70/30 means 30 % still junk food. i still can achieved this. it is about how much we want to make it happen. i see myself as a ranger,  i want to chiong first and see the possibility and once yes , i will encourage my friends that we all can do it too. there are no special recipe on this and cutting corner.

when end of the 90 days, your mind will be stronger, more discipline, more health conscious and yes you got it . A habit is form. A healthy life style and more positive mind set. 🙂 just like you look at the picture before and after. imagine yourself you are in that pic, what do you feel about yourself when you look at it?

4. Lesson learn – Protein to input more

i did not realise that my weight was lost. i lost about 7 kg in total.  almost all my friends saw me said that i need to go back my old weight. yes i neglected that i thought i have enough protein in my diet , however it is not. now my part 2 training is to carry my training and beef up too…. 😉

To all my friends who also inspired to me, giving me encouragement and you all also join me or going to start the exercise too. you all are amazing! 🙂 let’s maintain a healthy lifestyle together. 🙂








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Master the basic skill of Rubik’s Cube – what’s next?

Journey of my learning Rubik’s Cube

Since Feb 17, i have being trying to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube. how it started …

my son saw my dad able to solve the cube and he give the cube to my boy as he is attracted by the colours of the six sides.  Then literary he pass it to me to solve it.

i would like to be my boy hero too, i don’t want to disappoint him and beside is something i left it there long ago and did not pick up. then i started the journey.

it take about a month for me to be able to complete this about 2min. i learn it when reuven is sleeping, waiting for client, and on the train or bus. i feel so good as time are not wasted and i pick up a skill in a way. perhaps this might help me during my old age to deter dementia. lol

going for another skill or pick up something more when i on the move. TIme are always clicking and it is always very fulfilling that i have spend it to learn to be my boy hero and a skill. 🙂

During the learning phase, i realise one thing;

1st – when u are about any % to complete it and without completing the cube, it is basically nothing that you have achieved. Focus and determination is the key. 🙂

in face this is like in our life too, if we give up too easily , everything we done or our hard work will be gone in the drain.

As long we keep going,  we definitely will see the light from the tunnel and exit it beautifully. 🙂

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Feb 2017 – Compliment Letter @Prudential


Received this Complement letter @ office this week. it is like a charging booster and recognition for the commitment that i always believe in. Really thank you for my clients allocate their busy schedule to wrote. It is a very heart warming and will continue to improved. Reuven Loo and Christopher Loo would like express ‘Thank you’ 🙂 .

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Some of my sharing @ a Pri School with the Pri 6 students

Last Thurs, i am honour to be invited as a speaker @ a pri sch to share a topic of financial Literacy to the Pri 6 students.  To my amazed, they are really not like my ‘pri 6’ time. and they are pretty more street smart and i would said that their questions that was asked on that day are pretty good questions. It was a good take away and learn from their prospective and understand their world of thoughts too.


It is a great feeling that i am able to share my humble knowledge and contribute back to the school in some way.  I wish all students to do their best. Best of luck! ^.^


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Reuven Loo and Daddy (HELP!) > ‘Like needed’ when u think he is adorable? hehe… :)

Good day everyone!

i am trying to give my boy with some exposure and experiences for take away.

For this to realize, may i ask for 3 likes on his 3 pic if you think he is adorable ? 🙂 hehe..

just three simple steps !

Click the

  1.)  Scrolls to the bottom 



2.) Key in ‘Reuven Loo’



3.)  ‘3 Likes’ 

by the way one of his pic story,




Thank you so much for helping us too ! 🙂

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What is the different between a 2 year old and a coming 4 year old child expectation as a parent?

holding Reuven hand.jpg

Today after the morning run , i have breakfast together with my friend and happen to talk about our boys growing up. he ask me, what are the different you see for yourself taking care a 2 yr old toddler to a 4 year old boy?

Currently his boy and my  boy age are those in between.

1.) Their emotion and perseverance get stronger

After age of 2, this is when my boy curiosity goes to max and started want to explore and do thing by his own. temper may rise due to sometime he is trying to express and we not able to received. they need alot of encouragement and praise at this period.  you will be surprised how fast they learn and understand the surrounding, memory also get stronger each day.

this is where i feel house rule vs expectation vs potential self development( confident) are taking place.

2.) Understanding our language 

you realise that through this journey, they will start to show more and more feelings and emotion towards anything. such as express love and care to you. they start to use alot of nice and big words too.

3.) A mirror of our own

My boy are quite expressive and looking at his learning curve such as express himself, talking and imagination. he is doing  pretty well. i not to such whether is it i also play along with him relate to those ‘pluck in the air imaginary stories’ i play with him. overall he is learning fast.

he also start to use our words back such as those words using during discipline. such as, when he was discipline, i sometime will use the words. i am not going to talk to you if you are still…. and one day,while we are playing as usual, he was angry with me and he use those words..

then i realise i create some impact and need to modify. 🙂 taking care little one especially these ages require alot of energy and patient.

i really can feel that whatever we do, they will indirectly take you as a role model. sometime we thought by saiding this they will understand what we trying to let them learn however it might be other signal that we are giving too.

4.) Enjoy competition

During this phase , nagging might not work the way that you want him to behave,you might like to try some race/competition. Just like i do for my boy,as for now , 99.9% always work. 🙂 and their confidence and independence grows.

such as folding clothes, throw dirty clothes into washing machine, clearing toys.. etc.. 🙂

5.) more attention and companion required.

i would said their energy spike and can play all day long!haha, if you have only 1 child just like me, constantly he will need a playmate to tell story and play toys with him. this is part of the growing up.


Overall, just like this evening i met one of my neighbour, she remind me about people mention about the phase naughty 2 and terrible 3 etc… we have a good laugh.

maybe it might be good to suggest that we throw away these belief as by embracing these in our brain.somehow we are always constant reminder of the fear and anxiety. what we believe,eventually might add more points to the reality.

what i feel during these phases, they are just trying to express themselves to show love and care with their body language. ( just like i always think those lion cubs or puppies, when they are just born, they are almost everywhere on the mummy or daddy body) . just like our children, they just like to climb everywhere on us and that is love. of cos there are certain rules that you might him or her to understand.

Overall i always believe when they are very perseverance asking or about something (stubborn in another word) , they are not naughty ya. it is just that deep down in their heart, they still don understand why the thing i done is wrong or i just want your attention). just like my boy previously, i remember i was texting and he suddenly push away my phone . i realise today i might neglect him and make adjustment. 🙂

Everyday is a learning day . i am still learning too. 🙂 just remember they really grow up super fast! 🙂 and have a great bonding too. you can see my son blog over here too. 🙂