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New Launch Pruman, Prulady, Prueasy

This month Prudential launch  3 plan.

Pru new plan.jpg

Pru lady 

Key Benefits

  • Preventive health screening once every 2 years2
  • Comprehensive coverage specific for women
    • Covers female-related medical conditions3 and procedures3
    • Covers reconstructive or skin grafting surgeries3
    • Provides coverage for post diagnosis support3
  • Premium waiver for 36 months upon female illnesses claim4
  • Optional add-on coverage to include
    • Pregnancy complications
    • Congenital illnesses
    • Hospital care


Key Benefits

  • Preventive health screening once every 2 years2
  • Comprehensive coverage specific for men
    • Covers male-related medical conditions3 and procedures3
    • Covers reconstructive surgery or skin grafting surgeries3
    • Provides coverage for physiotherapy3 in the event of an accident
  • Premium waiver for 36 months upon male illnesses claim4


  • Simplified underwriting; Answer only two health questions
  • Hassle-free application process; No medical examination required

By providing essential coverage for death and Terminal Illness, with an option to add Total and Permanent Disability coverage, Prueasy term helps to ease the financial strain that falls on your family, should something unfortunate happen to you.


Just less than a dollar of a day. and the plan come with complimentary check up for pruman and prulady. i would said it is a good initiative for the pruman plan as previously there are clients being asking me about this.



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My Prudential Pruselect investment tracking part 2

PS investment


Pruselect Dec14.jpg

How many months premium had pay : Dec 14 till May 17 = 28 months  

Total premium pay : = $400 x 28 months = $11,200

Current value : $11,817.06 ( Profit current : $617.06) 

Projected values : in the 36 months =  $10,947.00 

In view of my tracking of my first investment plan, it’s performance are already pass the

Benefit illustration as propose. i have being diligently doing the rebalance and follow the portfolio closely.


and as mention this is the 2nd portfolio that it is done in Jan17. 


pruselect jan17

pruselect jan17. current value

How many months premium had pay : till May 17 = 4 months  

Total premium pay : = $350 x 4 months = $1,400

Current value : $14,32.28 ( Profit current : $32.28) 


As it is suggested and believe that investment need time for growth and diversification, not timing into the market.



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Prudential 2016 Performance highlight

From previous posts if you have follow through. i have mentioned about Pru Reserve, what is participating funds, how bonus are declare, past performance and reserve.

2016 Performance Highlight

This is one of the letter FY2016 CEO Letter – English – English letter that policy owner might received relates to their policies regards to the company performance and the yearly bonus information. 2016 was a stunning result, not only prudential is performing well ,  company will be declaring more than S$213 million in guaranteed bonuses for most of our Participating policies, which is S$20 million more than the previous year. Due to the increase in bonuses, the projected value of your policy may be revised upwards to reflect the 2016 performance of the Participating Fund.

Bonus report 

There are also a report sending together to the policy owner sharing some of the insight of the funds performance.  (one of the example relate Regular premium policies)  Regular_Premium_Life_Sub-Fund[1]

Years that are harsh, Prudential still did it

As 2015 and 2016, it seems to be a challenging year for all of us, Prudential is still able to increase the bonus rates for some policies and maintain the bonus rates for the remaining policies under the Fund for the performance up to the financial year end of 2016.

How to look into your policy bonus or i would siad tracking the guaranteed bonus and maturity value 

After your 2nd anniversary year of your plan ( third year) , there will be accumulate bonus and show you the previous and current projected maturity values and this will be a statement mail to you.  For example;

bonus not.jpg

Alternative you may check with your agent or myself when you have any questions. 🙂













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Prudential Awards Nite 2017


Throw back 4 day ago prudential awards nite. Time flies, This is my 4th year in Prudential. I would siad, It toned me up with vibes and enrich my circle of life🌍. To me, it is more than just a rewarding career.
Along this journey, i pick up alot of valuable sharing and encouragement from each and everyone.
Be it🍞 breakfast,🍽 lunch🍵 coffee chat, or 🍽dinner. Thank you for your time. We always have a great time and some of it give us a good laugh😊. Attending to this Pru awards nite 2017 . It is you all make this happen. 🤗 Allow me to earn an recognition.😊 Thank you !🙇感恩!
Given me a privilege to be your trusted key to assist part of your important matter.
I would also like to express thank you to my mentor @tanwuhao1 , it is always great to be in your team.
Someone that always humble and support each and everyway. Congrats for our agency bronze awards 🏆
And to my comrades, lets continue work hard! and not forgetting the new #bukhansanclan and to #winnersharbour lets jia yo ! ^.^ And my boy @reuvenloo , you are always my happy antidotes! And my family too ^.^

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Endowment plan – what to look out for ?

Recent On-line post 

Recently there are some of my friends ask me relate to a recent online circular post. it was mentioned that how come the policyowner put in the money every month in the end did not get back as what is expected or even worst did not get back what he ‘promised’?

When i look at the policy, it was an old plan. and the plan has emphasis the key of the plan. That is ‘purpose‘ of the plan is for the list of protection. Then there are riders added attached to it that make up of the total premium about 38% of the 100 premium annually. 


Rider do not contribute to Accumulation

i would emphasis agian that rider do no contribute to the accumulation or i would said rider premium is just a component just for protection.

Mature policy in 2014 ( 25 years plan survive the economic crisis )  

Just to illustrate that below are one of my client that has the plan mature since 2014, you can see that the plan rider’s premium are kept little.

Monthly premium $148.50

Total Premium 25 years pay : $44,550 / Maturity in Nov 2014 : $79,005.70

Company Performance 

when you hear people saiding about how good their company is or how company did not manage well even during the the economy crisis,  you may decide how it stand. 🙂

Referring to the online post ,  just looking at the fact now. i would said, the policyowner and the agent that sell the plan know the truth.

if you would like to see or understand more on the companies reserved funds and participating fund. click the link.

Priority/needs –  Selling and buying 

Such as what are the actual needs or what is the main reason to purchase a policy? is it the policy owner emphasise the protection as the main concern and get some money in return? or purely to focus more on accumulation and less protection need? (just like my below example). Has the agent advice on the return? did he mention the riders do not contribute? did he also share other factors that might be concern to the policyowner?

Moving forward, always know what you buying for, if there are some questions that you don’t understand, make sure you clear the doubt before you moved forward. listening and Communication are the always the important keys. 🙂

Clear the Doubt before you put your signature 

i would advice never take for granted even your agent is your relative or good friend or close one. Assumption is always a spoiler after that.


i sincerely hope the case will have a good outcome. all the best. 🙂


endowment with profit

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Prudential Premier A shield Rider premium


I think recent years alot of us know and heard that there were increase in premium for the integrated shield plans especially private coverage irregardless which insurance companies just to keep up medical inflation and claims. Pru is looking it seriously how to weight/balance/chase between the claims/medical inflation and premium adjustment.



As reported in straitstimes, From 1st May 2017,Prudential will be increase in premium and a bit of different way looking at the IP premium computation.

although there are increase in prices, Pru also looking to reward client with 10%discount with no claims for the past 12 month. where i feel this is quite a good initiative.

Also for those ‘Existing customers of the rider who are undergoing long-term medical treatment for severe health conditions or have sought treatment for such conditions in the past three policy years do not have to adopt the new pricing. This means their future premiums will not be affected by their claims experience‘.

and relate to the claims , it is a similar concept with car insurance, the premium will be recalculated , however the premium will goes down as well if there are no claims for every yearly renewal.

From what  i know, most of the insurer companies will increase their premium too during that period.

Feel free to drop me a sms or a call if any questions. 🙂

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Strong Performance of Prudential 2016

Prudential has again proven their strong records in term of the dividend  as profit meet expectation for 2016.

even the market outlook may not look as promising, Prudential Singapore has being also  performing with a proven good records since 2013 .

you can also see that from my previous post , they have the most reserve buffer.

“Prudential continued to lead the pack last year with the highest reserve ratio of 44.6 per cent; it had a reserve buffer of S$6.91 billion, compared to total assets in the Par fund of S$15.5 billion”


and also by business time mention about When bigger is better in life insurance as it show a quick summary of the performance.


Looking at these reports it might suggest that Prudential might be one of the ‘brand’ company that are performing and gain alot of trust.