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Recent Claims TPD payout from the endowment plans

tpd-claim-1 tpd-claims-2


TPD Payout

Recently i just help out in the claims of a TPD pay out from her/his endowment plans. it is a devastating situation i would said, and can imagine the livelihood and living expense would definitely be a challenge for the transit and future.

Endowment plans with TPD coverage

Years ago, she/he taken 2 endowment plans for her/his saving needs with a small premiums contribute monthly .Both of the endowment plan come with a TPD coverage and the payout now serve a sum of money that help to cushion some of it.






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Accident Claims Due to Deep Cuts

Jan17 claims 1.jpg

Recently just completed one of the claims. she/he given me a call of the situation and ask me whether is it claimable. i reply yes and i urge for she/he to go to seek treatment as the cut are deep, and when she/he call me, she/he has being self medication and does not heal well. i am worry for infection too and that will even make things worst.

so all completed, quickly get the receipt and done, and the claims are collected and submitted on 28th Dec evening. if not for the holidays, i believe the claims will be much faster.

Have a great 2017 and always be careful while on work or home. sometime we know things just happen. 🙂


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Claims follow through after discharge from Hospital for the Post bills…

Just meet up with my client last week,and collected his receipts for all those post consultation bills. Total medical bills are about $599.20 with just three bills

pre post claims .jpg

The process of the claim approval and pay out are really efficient too. pre-post-claims-follow-up

If you are curious where this post bill lead from which main hospital bill, click here.


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Another Urgent medical attention needed

Last month another of my friend require immediate medical attention. she/he has being on going under consultation for her/his conditions on those government medical treatment and was reschedule to a late appointment.

Her/His current condition suggested to be Epidermal. as per attachment below.


To expedite her/his waiting time,to relief for her/his pain and worries, she/he went to Mt Elizabeth Hospital for 2nd opinion and treatment.

A arrangement medical schedule within three days,  she/he was treated and discharged.

Oct claim1 .jpg


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A Relief require for fast Treatment attention needs


Last month, i just met one of my friend for a coffee catch up, and he/she shared with me about the health issue about his/her partner. It has drag the partner for a few months and the pain are increasing day by day .  My friend has share with me that they went for some consultation and there are no chance of any referral near yet.

Then option to seek for private treatment and they are in a way of a ‘faster queue’ in relate to a ease of heart/mind, that everything was being  certain and taken care of. 🙂

Just to share that health are important and always constant remind not to overlook it and what are the options available we have if things really fall of the way.


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A thumbs up Day surgery treatment by my client experience…

With permission and encouragement from client to post the experience and treatment relate to his Day surgery for his Ganglion Cyst recently.


Months has pass, and he felt that his wrist are having some thing like a Cyst as picture. he was wondering what is that, as this lead him to have pain here and there. at first he went to those GP clinic and after that he was refer to Govt structure hospital for further consultation. the schedule appointment take few months, and his pain is accelerating.

Then happen there is a day we have some chat and he told me about this, immediately i ask him would him consider private treatment as his condition is getting worst and his health shield covered to private plan.

same as others i meet, they will always concern and ask “really able to claim the medical bill”?

i said Yes. as Charged.

then he is admitted and schedule with a faster appointment date and convenience for him to do the day surgery.


then everything was so smooth, he was really impressed the waiting time, the consultation, the treatment. everything. 🙂  and  also tested the cyst is it benign or.. and everything was good. 🙂

After weeks, i send him regards and ask again how is the wound getting on. everything is good and well. he said. 🙂  he still comment, everything was good, and i just need to just focus on my mind on the treatment. everything just put me on calm status.

And of cos most important , all the bills are covered. 🙂


Please don neglect the coverage of shield plan ya and please don neglect even small issue of health. get it treated early.


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Day Surgery claims

Aug16 claims


This is one of the bill claims recently that relate to Day surgery.

Some people ask me are there any limit kept? if one have to go for day surgery, how long we have to wait? who are the doctor?

as you can see, the bill size are not small. however all are As charged. The waiting period for the day surgery are kept short too.


Pre and post Aug

With a integrated plan and rider, you will know your medical bills are well covered. This is the most basic and essential plan that one should not neglect when considering about insurance.