Keyman Insurance

Key Man Insurance

What is Keyman insurance?

Just like how the word are form ‘Keyman‘, it is to have a means of protection element towards the company ‘human asset’.

Just for example, you have someone who is an IT Director developer of the software and he is highly valuable in relate of his expertise and contribution to the company revenue sales.. Imagine if there are any bad thing happen to him, do you think the company might face serious loss or market share loss to other competitors?

Another example might be two party set up a company together. They depend on individual skills to grow the company, both of them are equally important for the business to function properly and growth. Imagine either party have something bad happen, what damage or consequence will affect toward the company? Who will take over the roles of his? How do they manage this crisis?

These are some of the questions that keyman insurance is able to answer.