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” I wake up every morning believing Today is going to be better than Yesterday

– Will Smith –


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Look Closer in Life

This journey started when I feel more about life during my divorce days with my little boy to take care at the age of 3+ (year 2016). With no or little money on hand, time are not enough for anything. Everything was pretty rough, anything you named it, I feel that is...

Promotion from Senior to Executive Financial Consultant

Today received the letter for the promotion for my Executive Financial consultant. As times passes by , we aged. we tend to practise alot of what you have and cherished. especially what i being through for the past few years.. life is really segment into many chapters...


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Commercial and Business Insurance

Be it from a small food stall to MNC. Commercial insurance are here to help companies in term of mitigating risks relate to unforeseen   business expenses or recovery when events happen that might not be favourable. Common coverage; Fire, and Public liability.WICA, foreign medical are  the most common seen.

Business Insurance is here to help relate to business succession planning, retain employee strategy or keyman is lost that affect the company’s future profit. With Business Insurance, it is a supporting tool that help to arrest the risk and help to ease when situation happens.

Life portfolio Risk Management

In Stages of life we started aware more about our liability and commitment. Personal and customise portfolio might be necessary as it mitigate risk and let you understand where is your current position. 

Wealth Diversification

Since Century it started, we already start cultivate a habit to put money in the bank; be it long term goal or short, we always feel safe that the money is there. Due to current economy, heavy inflation and our life span increases, saving might not just be an option any longer.

With proper planning and Wealth Diversification, it give some other options to individual to growth wealth with a more diversified port.

Personal Insurance

Be it, going for holiday, buying a car, hire a maid ,pets, home and content damage concern, personal Insurance are here to cater for the risk for you.

For professional Pilot, Flight Instructor, Air Traffic Controller or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Wunderstand that your career and income are at risk if you are prevented from performing your duties, in the event of a serious injury or deterioration in health, there are paymaster available for you to choose from for the coverage. 



Christopher Loo

I am Prudential Senior Financial Consultant



Representative AIG/SOMPO/LIBERTY

Life is how we perceive and believe.  

Start embracing today with ‘Happiness’ 🙂

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